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What is the best online selling site with low rates?

What is the best online selling site with low rates?
As an aspiring online seller, you must have seen that there is a lot of competition in the market between all the platforms that facilitate online selling. So even before you get on the actual task of setting up an online store, it becomes crucial for you to undertake a proper comparative study and find out the best option for you.With the recent trends in the market, Amazon turns out to be the most inexpensive and convenient option for sellers in India. While the other options like Shopify do exist, Amazon will promise to give you a good value for the money you invest by paying the fees.

In this article, we have combined all the facilities Amazon will provide you with the fee that you pay them and how you can make the most of these.


The fees that one has to pay to Amazon are pretty cheap as compared to the facilities the platform has to offer and the customer base that is accessible.


Number of shoppers:

The popularity of Amazon makes it very hard for people to not visit the site while looking for products online. This customer base will be made available to all the sellers who wish to sell using Amazon


Simple UI:

The UI of the site makes the design seem very clutter free and helps create a hustle-free shopping experience. There will not be many instances where the buyer is confused. The platform takes care of most of the design related parts, while some option are customizable.



Most of the online shopping is done using the mobile nowadays which makes it very crucial for the sites to be optimized for mobile screens as well. Amazon has great mobile-friendly properties to take care of this point. The design is also very responsive which makes it easier for customers to shop irrespective of the device that they use to access the site.



The entire process of buying a product; right from selection to check out is quite easy and confusion free. This makes the shopping experience seamless.


Page loading:

One of the key performance parameters that must be taken care of by every website administrator is the time for page loading. If the page takes too much time to load, there is a chance that the buyer might go on to look for the same products on some site. Amazon has a fast page loading that takes care of this.


Easy checkout process:

When a customer reaches the checkout point, it is almost equivalent to having bought the product. This is one of the worst places to lose a customer hence. Amazon has designed a hassle free checkout process.

Also, there are various options for payments available net banking, wallets and COD.


Product discoverability:

The customers can either discover the products by directly searching for it or by using the navigation bar. Whichever be the case, it is an easy task for the customer to reach the desirable product. Amazon also takes care that your product is discoverable easily amongst all the other products.


Tips to sell on Amazon:

  1. Use good quality images of the products to make them seem as professional as possible.
  2. Fill up proper details of the products so that they are discoverale easily when a customer searches for products you sell, they’re show up easily.
  3. Try keeping your price as competitive as possible.
  4. Abide by all the rules Amazon has set to be able to make most of the services that they have to offer.  



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