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Pro Tips:25 E-commerce Photography

Pro Tips:25 E-commerce Photography

” Beautiful, isn’t it !!

Congrats: You are Selected for our  Product photography. “

The comment which we all yearn to hear after accepting Product Photography as a 

l’ œuvre( french word for work/job).

“Basically its not the photo itself that interest me. What I want is to capture a fraction of a second of the real.”

-Henri Cartier Brasson , a french Humanist photographer considered as master of candid photography.

Taking aspiration from this french legend lets all strive to perfection. Each of us is a learner, each day of the life teaches us something or the other.So here is a helping hand from my side with: 25 E-commerce Photography tips:

1)High Speed Photography


This has become the new audience magnet.Rather than showing normally placed samples. Capturing the fraction of second of the real like, pictures of high speed events popping of balloons,falling leaf,etc reveal interesting properties of simple stuffs like in this case a LEAF.

2)Keeping things real. Importance of posting Original Content

Novelty or originality of a product is a very fundamental yet most effective way of differentiating the leaders from the followers.

Copying or reusing someone else samples to ones advantage is the biggest crime in the field of (e-commerce)Photography. We hate being called the “skilled copyists”. So keep it real and original. 

3)Nonpareil Selection of Backdrops

Backdrops are the most competent choice for passing a message,emphasizing the theme. Basically these static walls form the backbone for any event or photographic stage. How ever while selecting the background one should not just focus on the subject but consider the frame as a whole.



Just like shading adds life to a canvas or sharp sketches add to the credit of being the best artist. Reflections well counted can add extra credit to your photo-shoots.

For reflections under your product the ideal choice of material to use should be Perspex plastic. While shooting the image click at angle so that the reflections are visible.

5)Avoid excessive usage of props,obscuring the product

Buyers are more interested in the main deal. Props are and always have been the cherry on the ice-cream. But don’t let the cherry obscure or hide the view of the samples. A very often committed mistake.

6) Get the pitching team ready

Getting done with the best of samples or photographs but ultimately failing to reach the audience is counted as the failure of the company.

Thus, getting hold or shortlisting the best of pitcher or public sellers which can be of help to one is really required.

7) Proper categorization of products

One of the biggest misconception present in market is “Spamming” helps to boast. Placing other articles under the most viewed articles so as to make people buy can be the biggest mistake one can commit. Audience these days prefer to get what they ask for and not some-other thing random along with it.Thus,placing photographic samples under proper categories like bedroom,balcony-photography,etc would help customers reach out the article, thus saving their time(main concern these days).

8)Background removal or clearing

Having a primary object of focus with white background always stands out. Be it a family photo,object photography,etc.

9)Create an app for your photography studio

Most handy and effective way to reach out to a larger audience has been through Mobile Applications. Opening one’s desktop or laptop is a tedious job ,mobile apps always comes in handy.

Thus having a mobile app ready to broadcast your photographic content or sample can get you the win.

10)Quality visuals or samples

According to one research 93% of consumers consider images essential for decisions related to purchasing.

The image you put forward should speak to the audience about its quality and worth-fullness.

11)Bring in model or mannequin

Imagining yourself wearing or using the sample on display is a very common human way of shortlisting products. 


12) Invariable presence of editing tools or platform.

The level of editing and making the pictures more happening than it could actually had been.Any upload without editing tools being used looks blunt.

13)Stabilizing the camera

Having a shaky or disturbed photograph sample makes one appear new to the field and inexperienced.

14)Collaborating with other strong hold companies

Collaborations help in two major ways First of all it reduces cost as well as improves the content since now your have two hands working on the same content.

15) Avoid over-editing

This had to added as overdoing anything has its after-effects. Be it food or photographic edits.

16)Awareness about the marketplace guidelines.

Every online platform has its own guidelines. Following them doesn’t make you dumb or simple but many-a-times it helps you improve. Thus, being aware about marketplace guidelines is vital.

17)Knowing the rivals

Knowing your competitors and having a card ready before there moves makes you the Chanakya of Photography.

18) Consistency

There are many budding photographic studios but the one which stays consistent and longer is who makes the cutoff. A common key to all your articles joining different articles together. Consistency is the key.

19) 360 Degree shot

Try giving your samples a 360 degree shot. Include as many angled shots as sample. You never know which shot might trigger.


20) Creating a new trend or experimenting

Either be a normal photographic studio following or being behind the trend or be the one who starts a trend. You decide!

21) Staging the articles with others to know the difference.

You know the ways your photographs are better than the rest.Don’t keep it to yourself let your buyers know the difference.

22) Natural


Nature and its effect have always been the eye-catchers or show stoppers.

Using natural light for your indoor naturally lit studio would be helpful to stage oversized items too.

23) Don’t miss even the slightest of details

With the present technological advancements one can reach the ultimate shot with just some extra efforts taken. Bringing in detailing to your photos marks the presence of a master of photography.

24)Keep your sponsors happy


Don’t let the companies which invested on you feel unworthy keep surprising them with photographic stunts. Remember they joined or invested in you seeing your worth fullness don’t let it fade away with time.

25)Flaunt over the range of products you have and having public discount.

Ever wondered how the business of Amazon, Flipkart,etc flourished in such a short time?

Its all because of the range/varieties of products available. The variety keeps the customers to its doorsteps ready to buy all the time.

Not just variety but time to time coupons or discounts would help gain the public vote.As the people these days aim for what’s economically and quality wise the best. 



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