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Best Food Photographers in Mumbai

Best Food Photographers in Mumbai

Food photography means taking pictures of food with an eye making it look tastier and as appetizing and delicious as possible so that customers will come and try the food based on these well-lit, perfectly focused photographs of the food that you have posted. May be printed out for display around your restaurant or food stall or even in the menu list of Swiggy, Zomato, and so on. 

So having the best food photography for your food store is something which you can hardly neglect. 

Let us assist you to find some of the Best Food Photographers in Mumbai 

  1. Food Photography Mumbai 

Website:Best Food Photography Services Mumbai (foodphotographymumbai.com) 

Food Photography Mumbai is one of the best food Photography service providers in the country. It is a Mumbai-based company that has an excellent team for Food Photography. If you are looking for the best food photographer in Mumbai with a pocket-friendly budget, then you can just trust them blindly. 

A collage of food

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Picture Courtesy: Food Photography Mumbai 

2.   Nitin Tandon Food Photography 

Website: Best Food Photographers In Mumbai | Top Food Consultants In Mumbai (nitintandon.com) 

Nikhil Tandon is one of the best and renowned food photographers in Mumbai. They are a food styling and content production house that provides end-to-end food content solutions in Mumbai. They are also experts at producing food videography content. 

Picture Courtesy: Nitin Tandon Food Photography 

3.   Spinthiras Media 

Website: Best Food Photographer In Mumbai | Professional Food Photographer (spinthirasmedia.com) 

Murtaza Rohawala founded Spinthiras Media in the year 2010. The word Spinthiras is a Greek word, which means Spark so ideally, they call their team the “Team Spark”. The Team Spark is a team of 14 professional photographers who are specialized in Food Photography, Fashion Photography, Architecture Photography, Jewellery Photography, Product Photography, and Cinematography. 

A group of glasses with liquid in them

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Picture Courtesy: Spinthiras Media 

4.   Pawan Manglani 

Website: Professional Food Photographer in Mumbai | Best Creative Food Photography in India – Pawan Manglani

Pawan Manglani is also one of the best food photographers in Mumbai who is also specialized in commercial photography and interior photography. 

He has worked with many renowned professional companies. His works have also been featured in TV commercials. To know more just hit on the link provided above. 

Picture Courtesy: Pawan Manglani 

5.   Athaliah Braganza Food Photography 

Website: Athaliah Braganza, Food Photographer & Product Photographer in Mumbai – Photography Services in Mumbai (business.site) 

Athaliah Braganza is a leading food photographer and product photographer in Mumbai.  

Athaliah Braganza provides 24 hours photography services in Mumbai. They are very much professional when it comes to work. They really produce some of the best food photography, which would simply increase your appetite. 

Picture Courtesy: Athaliah Braganza Food Photography 

6.   Ravi Jain Photography 

Website: Food Photographer for Restaurant, Food Photographer Mumbai (ravijainphotography.com) 

Ravi Jain is the best restaurant Food Photographer based in Mumbai. People say that he has an eye for perfection and that is completely reflected in his works. 

He works with Food Photography, Restaurant Photography, Pre-Wedding and Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Live Music Concert & Events Photography, Corporate Photography, and Interior Photography. 

Some of the brands he has worked with are Hard Rock Café, Shiro, Bombay Beans, The Beer Café WMS Entertainment, and many more. 

Picture Courtesy: Ravi Jain Photography 

7.   Cyrus Dalal Photography 

Website:Best Food Photographer in Mumbai – Cyrus Photography (cyrusdalalphotography.com) 

Cyrus Dalal Photography has stepped into the industry almost a decade ago. They have explored almost every facet of the Photography Industry. Their food Photography is something which can drive you crazy for the food. 

Jom Jom Malay Food Photography
Picture Courtesy: Cyrus Dalal Photography 

8.   Saba Gaziyani, Food Pics India & A LA CARTE Pictures 


Saba Gaziyani is a micro-revolution in the food and beverage industry. Saba is presently on the speed dial of global food majors, ad film producers, and packaging giants, directing ad films and table-top shots. Saba is India’s Leading Food Stylist, really giving a definition to the phrase when she began out in 1996. That is when she is not inventing a brand new recipe for As Chef’s Cook’s lip-smacking, ready-to-eat chutneys, and curry. 

Saba founded Food Photographics, India’s only dedicated food photography studio, in 2004 as an alumnus of the prestigious IHM, Mumbai (locally known as Dadar Catering College). 

Saba Gaziyani can be termed as India’s most wanted and loved Food Photographer

Picture Courtesy: Saba Gaziyani, Food Pics India & A LA CARTE Pictures 

9.   Vishal Talawadekar Photography 

Website: Vishal Talawadekar Photography |Food & Photographer | Mumbai 

Vishal Talawadekar is a leading Mumbai-based advertising photographer. He is specialized in Food Photography, Product Photography, and Fashion Photography. 

He is a graduate of L. S. Raheja School of Arts and Sciences and learned film making from Rachana Sansad School of Arts. 

Picture Courtesy: Vishal Talawadekar 

10.   Pixelnic Studio 

Website:Best Food Photographer | Pixelnicstudio Photography 

Pixelnic Studio is the last one on our list today but it does not mean that it is least in any way. Pixelnic Studio is again one of the best photography service providers in Mumbai. They have been in this field for several years and their team is outstanding in producing some great images.

So that’s all about the 10 best Food Photographers in Mumbai.. 

If you want to get more exclusive ideas on food photography studios, food photography tips, food photography props, food photography lighting then do visit our site: 

Best Food Photography Services Mumbai (foodphotographymumbai.com) 

Also, if you have interests in the Ecommerce photography, digital marketing or fashion blogs then just feel free to hit the link below: 

The Jigsaw, Mumbai 


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