9 Tips to Start E-commerce Business

ecommerce business tips

With millions of shoppers spending money online, there has never been a better time to start a ecommerce business. If you’re thinking about starting an ecommerce business and selling products online, let ecommerce photography India provide you this checklist to do it in right way.

1. Start with Your Business Name

The first thing to do after you decide what you are selling online, is to choose a excellent, unforgettable business name that no one else is using. You can conduct a search across the internet and various ecommerce portals to ensure that the name chosen by you is not in use. Once you’ve chosen the perfect name, register it. (If you form an LLC or corporation, this will happen automatically in the state where you file your paperwork for registration.)

2. Secure Your Domain Name and Website.

In an ideal world, you will get your business name as your domain name, but if it’s not available, choose an URL that’s easy to say and spell it, and relates to your business. So, if your business is E-commerce Photography and ecommercephotography.in is not available, try something similar like photographyforecommerce.com or ecommercephotographyindia.com.

The design and development of your ecommerce business web site may be the biggest expense you have. But you have to ensure that the website is not only visually pleasing, but also functionally handy. There are out-of-the-box ecommerce solutions to begin with, but you may require something more custom-made if your needs are more than basic design.

3. Select the Best Business Structure and get Register Your Business

You have got some options when it comes to your business structure:

  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership (if you have a business partner)
  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Private Limited

Some of the pitfalls of having a sole proprietorship concern or partnership are that, in case of litigation your personal assets might be at risk. If your company is ever charged, the court can snatch your personal assets if your business doesn’t have enough to cover its debts. This is a pitfall that is avoided in a Private limited and LLP Both the private limited and LLP formats, separate you and your assets from the business, and provide other tax benefits.

You can do your registration by your own, by satisfying some of the appropriate business structure paperwork from the governing bodies, or you can rent a business filing company to do it for you. A lawyer is also an option, but that’s frequently access for the average small business owner’s needs.

  1. Get Your VAT Number (or GST number)

Most of the ecommerce portals require you to have a VAT number. And soon (after 1st July, 2017 you will need GST number). This number is necessary to trade on these portals and records have to maintained for the same. You can get you VAT number through agents who may charge about 5000 rupees for the service. For VAT an amount of 25000 is takes as deposit, which is returnable after three years and charges of 5000 rupees are required for the mandatory procedures (This is besides the agent charges).

5. Use sponsored listing to boost your sales

Currently all the online market places in India offer the option of sponsored listing to boost your sales. These are pay per click ads which run along with the general listing on the online marketplaces. This is a paid option and it allows you to display your products with better placement on the online market places.

6. Start Marketing Early

Even if you’re not up and running, it’s a good idea to set up social media profiles and writing content for your blog now so that you’re not starting from scratch Day 1. You can set up your website with a “coming soon” page where people who are interested can sign up to get updates, using a tool like launchrock.

7. Get More Productive with the Right Software

Technology can make so much of your work easier, so before you start your ecommerce business, play around with customer relationship management, accounting, project management, and email marketing software that you can integrate into what you’re doing once you launch.

8. Stock Your Inventory

Whether you have got a warehouse full of products somewhere or your inventory lives in your garage, make sure you have got enough to launch. It can be tricky, not knowing how much you will need, but in general, it’s better to have too much inventory than not enough. Pay attention to how your sales increase so you can be smart with future orders.

9. Make Sure Your Business Stays Compliant

Once you start your ecommerce business, things are going to move very fast. Don’t overlook filing your annual report, if you incorporated or filed an LLP. If you need to, put these deadlines on your calendar so you alwaysstay on top of them.

Can you check all 10 of these items of your ecommerce business? Great! It’s time to get started. Having done all the preparation up front, your ecommerce business will reach the Everest.

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Tips To Enhance Product Photography

tips for product photography

Due to the growth of e-commerce sector, the scope of product photography has increased. According to a survey, most of the customers looks at the quality of the product image before buying. Here are some important points that will be helpful for your product photography


  • Lights: Photography is nothing without light. A professional photographer knows the importance of light effects and what quantity of light should fall on particular part of the product. For beginners, natural lights are the best light to start with as it is soft, predictable and most important it is always available. If your budget is good then you can also use different color lamps and flashlights which can give good effects to your product.
  • Product detail view: Exposing the details of a product is one of the important skills of a professional product photographer. Most of the customers get attract to the product because of detailing as it is directly related to the quality of the product.
  • Creativity at its best: Ideal creation is one of the best parts of photography as it grabs the attention of customers. Think out of the box and click the pictures. You can click the products from strange angles, use photo manipulations, include interesting backgrounds, etc.
  • Editing: No matter how good might be your clicks, you need to do small brush up for cleaning purpose. You can use Photoshop or Picasa as per your need. Cropping and giving Retouch are two important editing tweaks that you can perform.
  • Experience matters: A professional photographer is proud of his work and will develop his experience as much as he shoots. The final image is going to represent your skill and efforts.

Ecommerce product photography is not easy; it is a challenging task. It will take time, but practice will speed up your skill to become a good photographer.


Image Background Removal Tips

product photography services in mumbai

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get rid of a photograph background to stick it in different places. after you haven’t any plan regarding inserting it as per your convenience, you’ll be able to merely opt for availing ikon Background Removal Service so you’ll be able to get the precise result while not moving the standard of actual image. There square measure consultants active over net so as to modify you having cost-efficient answer simply on one click. After you don’t just like the current background of your actual image and willing to use it for different purpose, you’re receptive contact the distinguished company that works for reducing your efforts once it involves edit a photograph.

By following hi-tech method, a photograph is dead cut from the particular background wherever you’ll be able to simply add it on another background. To induce the most effective ends up in an exact fundamental measure, simply go browsing wherever the active consultants can assist you as per your given directions. Create a collage of your completely different images into one frame to adorn yourself. Blemished image quality with an untidy background is improved as hi-tech are followed as per your necessities so you’ll be able to get the most effective you have got been seeking since a protracted time.

Changing a photograph background isn’t a lot of troublesome however you would like to contact someone having excellence of the relevant field. Simply by adding some attributes, you’re capable of obtaining a wonderfully framed, attractive, increased nevertheless well-improved photograph that too as per your needs.