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How Product 360 Video/ Photography Can Benefit Your Business

How Product 360 Video/ Photography Can Benefit Your Business

As we know Human minds are pleased with Photographs but what if the Photograph comes as a package which surrounds the object and provides us a 360 degree view of the object?

Obviously it is a great sight and if this technique is applied to Product Photography then definitely it will raise the enthusiasm of the consumer to grab it.

 Well before starting with the 360 Product Photography/Video let us first have a brief idea on ‘what 360 Photography’ actually means.

 360 Photography refers to that panoramic photo of a real-life object whose view covers almost the entire sphere or a full circle of a horizontal plane and vertical plane starting from a particular point and ending into the same. Viewing a 360 Photograph means, looking into an object from any angle surrounding the object. From left to right or from up to down and in all desired directions, a 360 Photograph gives us a better and a real-life view of an object. The viewer just needs to click on any point and drag the fingers in the direction from where the person wants to view the image.

360 Photographs effective for showing of internal architectures and it replicates the experience of being there.

Thus in simple words it provides us the ability to virtually turn around and look at the surroundings and observe the view.

 360-Product Photography

By the definition of 360 Photography we have already got an idea that how this technique can be useful in e-Commerce Photography.

Now 360 Product Photography can be defined as a series of panoramic photographs which gives an impression of a Product rotating. This technique gives the consumers a more realistic impression of a product than the simple static photographs. It can obviously raise the sales graphs and returns.

On the other hand there’s a new technology in the market with an exciting name called AR, Augmented reality. This AR along with a 360 Photography and Videography introduces a new range of marketing in the field of online shopping to boost the experience of the customers to view and review the product live from any angle. This was first introduced by apple in the market where it displays their products through AR and 360 photograph. This stunning combination of 360 Photography or Videography and technology took over the market right from home. 

Let us imagine the situations spotted from the life we are into right away after the outbreak of the pandemic, the world is under the set condition of “LOCKDOWN”. We are facing problems moving out from our residence. The world needs to take a step ahead towards digitalization, where things will be based on what we see inside our smart phones or computers screens.

In order to improve the quality checks through visual interface, 360 Photography is much needed. While comparing to a 2D picture which shows just the face with no dimensional effects with a 360 Photography which not only reviews all sides also provides a 3rd dimensional appearance into the frame we look into.

People are watching the videos over social media and all over the news. Everyone is been seen wearing a mask, this is stimulating the minds to buy masks and sanitizers for their safety. This is how videography stimulates the minds and accelerates growth in business. Trailers of products on video format helps things in a better way referring to the aspects of business. These leads to advertisements and speeds up the information about the product. 

These technologies while getting introduces into market can bring a huge rise in economy from many fields. Fields of Technical gadgets will be boosted into sale followed by the use of internet connectivity. This impacts the economy in a positive way. In shops, the keeper needs to display the same product to multiple customers one by one, but in this case one can see it anytime from any number of places irrespective of the customers viewing it online. 

Life is easy when one grabs a cup of coffee right from the bed, where one can easily take down a to-do list or swipe a reminder to book things around. The OYO uses 360 photography to show its rooms to the customers. This not just makes it a better way to book rather strengthens the relationship of the company with the customers. Is not touchy, just a simply 360 photography can bring a massive change in the Business we do around. People have started to buy buildings and areas online, based on the photograph provided because its a true image which speaks from all direction. 

People has started to use the VR for playing games, leading to the sell of Play Stations which also lies on the same concept of 360 Photography. Companies like Google uses 360 photography to show maps through GOOGLE EARTH where we can view any place in 3D view from all angles just by switching to Gyroscope mode or with just a tap of a finger. People get reviews of places where one cannot visit by paid 360 Premium versions of many companies therefore boosting the Business to a next generation. 

Therefore, the conclusion drawn about a good 360 Photography or Videography is, both equally enhances the probability of your product being sold and it certainly helps you to inflate  the product’s stretch  to purchaser of different fields. Consequently it is greatly beneficial to the business.


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