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Two Questions E-Commerce Brands Should Consider For Freight Management

From untrained eye to deliver goods from the warehouse to a customer doorstep, freight management may look simple. But the truth is, the effort is requiring to carry effective freight management is a multifaceted of multiple moving parts. To define your strategy you have to create successful freight management policy to help e-commerce brands this two questions you should ask.How does delivery contribute to your brand experience?

To differentiate your brand from different brands you must know what you want to say about freight management strategy from your customer experience and brand identity.For example, one of your customer who values your brand order goods that get delivered late than scheduled, cannot be chased and looks a little worn around the edges when it finally does show up, you risk a detrimental blow to your brand image.

Factors like packaging and timeliness condition speak volumes of the quality of your customer experience. Some of the retailers cannot afford to provide the best quality delivery, and many shoppers do not desire, to make a customer happy they must meet at least the minimum delivery requirements. For customer satisfaction, online retailers should ensure that their products are delivered on time to convey an overall commitment at all stages of the brand experience.

How a viable option does is free shipping?

For E-commerce brands it is viable option to struggle and determine when, and if, free shipping can be a boon for the bottom line. It can actually hurt your sales by ditching a free shipping policy.  For example, when the online customer sees a steep shipping price tag they don’t commit to a purchase.

To encourage a larger average order value in exchange for the cost to ship, online retailers can circumvent this problem by offering a free-shipping threshold. Factors to consider customer location, weight and size of your products, and the average order value. While implementing free shipping, brands should also consider clear boundaries.For example, during the holidays and special festive season or special sales event you can offer free shipping, or to create an account or sign up for your newsletter to qualify.

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