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Common mistakes in E-commerce photography

  1. Image not having scale 

While selling a product online, it becomes very important that the product should be scaled properly. But this is frequently overlooked. The relative scale of any product should be such that any client should be able to see that at a glance. We can use a different object to show this, for example, a mobile with headphones or pen with a notebook.

  1. Pictures not showing the products.

Your ecommerce business depends on the pictures. But the pictures are not covering the product properly then how you will go to market your product? It is necessary to cover the entire product such that the intend of the product should also be displayed. Create the images such that it will demonstrate the advantage of purchasing it.

  1. Hiding the details of product 

Detailing makes your product unique. Suppose if your ecommerce website selling handmade products, then each minute detail should be displayed in your picture. And if it’s jewellery, focus on the stones or clasp that set that piece apart.

  1. Loss of consistency

A single inconsistent image can spoil your entire product shoot. So consistency is a crucial aspect of e-commerce photography. It is very much important to ensure that the surface props, background, lights and shots for your shots should be consistent. If the style between product groups is different that’s fine, but the whole page should be linked together accordingly.

    5. Bad Photoshop 

One of the thing that kill sales of your ecommerce business is doing bad Photoshop. Even though your images are good but if your editing is bad, it will destroy the quality of the image. If editing is poor, the potential clients will lose trust in the product image. You have only two options available, the first is to become a pro in editing software’s like Adobe Photoshop or second is to hire someone who has mastered the skills of editing.

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