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5 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings

5 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings
The perks of selling on Amazon are indisputable. Once you have established your store online on Amazon, the next step is to go about promoting your listings. Amazon is like all other sales channels, you shall reap as you sow. So don’t hold back and wait for your listings to get better by chance. Take the time out to promote them yourself.If you aren’t quite sure about how to go about the promotion of your online store, here is an article that is going to help you by discussing 7 ways to promote your Amazon listings.

1. Run a Competitor Analysis

Learning from your competitor can be the smartest and the easiest way to gain insights about what little changes you can do in order to improve your listings and promote sales. Your competitor can give you a lot of information about which products sell better than the rest. For example, you can analyze their out of stock products and boost your sale for those. on the other hand, you can also get a lot of information about which products need to be updated from the list of available products.

2. Get Your Pricing Right

Getting your price right on Amazon can be quite a hassle taking into consideration the fact that it is quite an open marketplace. There are also certain clauses that you might be aware of like the pricing parity clause that might add to the trouble. Yet there are some tools that will save you some effort. The ‘Automate Pricing’ tool is one such option that will help you win the buy box at a maximum profit and also automate some other of your pricing decisions.

3. Optimize Your Product Listings

The shoppers on sites like Amazon will not spend too much time making a decision on whether or not they want to engage with a particular page or go back to the search results. To make a buyer stay on your page, there are certain things that you will have to take care of.

Make sure that the Titles of your products are easy enough to understand and in accordance with whatever names the customers will tye into the search bars.

The product pictures also need to be decent enough to keep the audience interested. The product pictures are one of the key deciding factors.

Give enough importance to the product descriptions as well.

4. Encourage Reviews

Many of our decisions too while buying a product have been influenced by the reviews that come with the product. The best way to go about asking for a review could be by sending across a follow-up email related to the order and embedding the request for the review in it. You can do the following:

Send emails that have delivery related updates along with some sort of promotional or marketing content.

These can also carry some links to other sites.

Links to where a review can be registered.

5. Run Sponsored Product Ads

Running advertisements on Amazon called Amazon Sponsored Product Ads can be a great option to improve listings and sales. These ads are based on a PPC (pay per click) model

Amazon has a robust ad platform that allows you to market your product to customers on Amazon. You can have different types of placements for these advertisements depending on whether the customer is using a desktop or a mobile. Either way, these will be helpful in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Amazon can seem to be quite a competitive marketplace but if you are ready to learn a bit and devote some time to that process, the chances of your business doing well will be multiplied for sure.


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