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Simple Things You Need for Photographing Jewelry

Simple Things You Need for Photographing Jewelry
Product photography has a lot of variety. There is a wide range of products that can be photographed. Right from large items like furniture to small and intricately made items like pieces of jewelry. The set up that is required for these items varies largely.Most store owners find jewelry photography to be quite challenging. But truth be told, jewelry photography can be easier in terms of the setup for sure. Once the studio is set right, it counts as a great beginning. A good set up will count a lot, after all well begun is half done.

In this article, we have made a list of all the items that you will be needing to nail the studio setup to get the best pictures of your jewelry.

1. A window

Jewelry is already quite shiny. The only thing that you want to achieve is a balance that shine and not increase that out of proportion. So using the flash of your camera is definitely out of question. The jewelry pictures will no turn out good as they will have white spots in unwanted places and the jewelry pictures will not look natural.

Unless you have a professional photographer with a proper studio that has a good lighting, make sure that you use natural lighting. A window can be a great place to get this natural lighting. The sunlight should be used indirectly. Too bright sunlight will also make the jewelry shine unnecessarily. You can use a paper sheet to cover the window and dim the light.

2. A white sheet or piece of paper

The reflective property of the jewelry makes it necessary to shoot on a white background. The great part about jewelry is that the size is an advantage. The white backdrop needs not be too big. You can easily use a piece of paper and fold it in such a way that it stands up to support the jewelry piece.

3. A mannequin bust or a cardboard

A mannequin bust will give a good and elegant shape to the jewelry piece that you want to shoot. Craft stores usually sell these in a black color. Black can be a good option as they will make the jewelry pieces stand out well. Although, as discussed before, white will always be preferred over black.

Use a white cloth to cover the bust. You can edit the background later. You can even use a cardboard if you cannot manage to get a mannequin. Turn the cardboard into a sort of a jewelry clipboard and set the jewelry on it. You can keep adjusting the height of the jewelry as you prefer.

4. String

Make use of a fishing string to dangling pieces of jewelry like earrings. The setting up of these will consume a lot of time and energy but will produce great pictures. You can use pieces of cardboard to stretch the string. The string can hang in between. Make sure that the pieces of jewelry that you are taking a picture of are absolutely stable when you shoot.



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