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Tips for Clothing Photography

Tips for Clothing Photography

clothing photography

If you are running an online apparel store or is planning to launch a new online business with the clothing line, clothing photography is quintessential. Clothes images cannot be compromised at any cost as it can make or break your sales. Online business certainly means the business through pictures and images alone as there is no salesperson on eCommerce stores except chatbots to convince the clients and prospective buyers. It is only through good clothing photography that the potential buyers are attracted during casual browsing. Good quality photography depicts the product quality in the best possible way, which helps the customers to make the final decision regarding the piece of clothing. Your product photography skill or the expert’s services can help represent you and your business of online clothing’s class.

Some tips for clothing photography

To fascinate the buyers, some tips have been listed below that can help clothing photography skills obtain the desired results:-

1) Make sure that the garments are well positioned before beginning

Before commencing clothing photography, the expert ensures that the article of clothing is iron and lint-free. Also, there should not be any stray threads, fabric discoloration, tags, or stickers on the garments. Expert fashion photographer never commits the mistake of clicking the photographs which are not well prepared. Photoshop editing can’t bring in the perfection which good conditioning of the clothes can render.
Realistic photo shopping may be difficult to master and time-consuming. Excessive photo editing usually tends to ruin the quality of the photographs, which is certainly not desirable by clothing sites. Make sure your starting photographer starts with least flaws on the garments.

2) Prefer clicking with a tripod stand

Shaking hands can ruin the picture quality. So, always use a tripod stand for clicking clothes pictures for commercial purpose. Camera positioned on the tripod stand can click more explicit and more consistent pictures besides relaxing hands of the photographer.

3) Keep the background clean

While you get your apparels photography done, you certainly want to keep the distraction off from the subject, out of the shot. It is always recommended to use a white or grey backdrop for clothing photography and make sure that no stray objects are available in the frame. Weird shadows should be avoided that could be cast on the clothes by the lighting effects. If the budget is low, then a black wall with natural lighting could be the right fashion photography setting for clothing. For an even better result, a roll of seamless white paper and a c-stand to hold the paper is a good setting option. Make sure the paper roll is not wrinkled or creased in the shot.

4) Use a mannequin


At times it becomes difficult for prospective clients to make out the real look of the clothes from the flat photograph. So, using mannequin is a good alternative, which is also affordable instead of professional models. Mannequins in static position are good for best shots. And if you think it could cause a distraction to the clothing, you can opt for ghost mannequins option during photo editing. This helps to give the real look to the clothesline of how they will look on a real person without showcasing any human or plastic body features.
Tabletop photography for clothing photographs is also a good option, which is economical and affordable on low budget constraints. It can bring out the details of fabric in an exact manner.

5) Proper lighting is a must

Good quality photography revolves around the right lighting conditions. It need not be expensive always to have an appropriate arrangement of lighting during the shot. Using a lot of natural lights from large windows can bring in the desired high-quality lighting. Artificial lighting equipment can also be used to create the desired effect if the natural lighting is not available in abundance.

6) Ensure that photographs give fabric details

It is always advisable to take close up photos of the fabric for the clothing photography besides the description in the textual form. It will help to showcase details of the texture like the knitting or the unique print of the fabric. The fine details in the pictures can help the clients to judge the quality, more accurately.

7) Usage of 360 photography photography

To make clothing photography more engaging, use 360 photography technique that allows the customer to see the panoramic view of the photos all 360 degrees. This technique helps them to judge and get a better idea of different angles of the clothing, especially readymade garments. This could increase their interest in making the final decision.

8) Use soft Shadows

It is always advisable to use soft shadows which are smaller than the product, especially in clothing photography. Small or soft shadows are more subtle and keep the distractions least. Light diffusers or the natural light arrangement can help get the soft Shadows.

9) Click images from different angles

Clothing photography is useful only if it is captured from various angles at it would help to represent the product in the more precise and better way. Side angles and three-quarter angles are better to show off the photography skills.

10) Don’t be impatient

Patience is the key to high-quality photos, especially for clothing photography. If the amateur photographer is not used to the camera and taking photographs, the creative task would not be accomplished in the desired manner.

11) Narrate your fashion story

It is said that pictures speak a million words. So, showcasing your clothing photography of high-quality would narrate your fashion house storyline. Best shots in the right location will help prospective clients to imagine themselves wearing your clothes and would bring them close to the final decision.

Final verdicts
Make sure you hire the best eCommerce product photography services if you are planning to launch your apparel wears online. Never compromise with the image quality as the image share the soul of any eCommerce portal. Inspect the lighting arrangement and pieces of equipment required thoroughly before starting with expert clothing photography.


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