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White Backgrounds VS Photographing Products In Background

White Backgrounds VS Photographing Products In Background

Almost every product listed on an e-commerce website has a picture with a white background. This is like a fact that we all have noticed while researching the trends in product photography. It may also happen clients who want to get their product photographed request you especially to keep a white background.
So what are the perks of keeping a white background? Is it always necessary to have a white background? What are the things that one should keep in mind while experimenting with other backgrounds?
Be it any type of an online store, jewelry, fashion accessories or clothing, they all prefer having white backgrounds. Here are some ups of having a white background.

Gives a feeling of consistency

Let’s consider the example of Amazon, when you are going through the products, you will realize that the pictures do not look separate from each other, but the products do. That is because there is a white consistent background that gives this feel. A feeling of consistency to the website is one of the key parameters that are necessary. This feeling of consistency will also add to the feel of the integrity of the website.
Makes the product stand out

While the customer a reviewing a product, it becomes necessary to make that experience clutter-free in terms of both the functionality and the design. In order to make the design look clutter-free, having a background that does not interfere with the product works well. The product and all its features are thus enhanced naturally.
Saves resources

Having a white background is like making sense in simplicity. By using a white backdrop, you do not have to go about the process of hunting for a location, hiring a model and also taking care of the technicalities. All this, in turn, will help you stick to your budget in an efficient manner.
Makes editing easier

If a product is shot against a backdrop, factors like differences in color, contrast, lighting, and focus need a lot of time and efforts to be fixed. Editing a picture with a white background, on the other hand, is much less hassle-free.
So with all the convenience that using the white background has to offer, does it mean that we always go with white? Definitely not.
Contextual backgrounds have a lot to offer that white backgrounds do not. Here are the benefits of shooting products with real backgrounds.
Imagine there is a picture of an athletic woman using a smartwatch, running in some pleasant park. This is the kind of a picture that will make your customer do the following:

  1. Make it easier for the audience to relate with the watch
  2. Makes them want to live the life that the woman might be living
  3. Encourages customers to buy complementary products like shoes or sportswear.

What one needs to understand is that different products have different requirements. Like for example, it will be ideal for wearable tech to be shot in a context. On the other hand, products that have detailed specifications should be shot against a white background.


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