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Types of Ecommerce Product Photography

Types of Ecommerce Product Photography

In the era of e-commerce, photographs have been able to gain the threshold more firmly due to its importance in various industries and spheres of life. For those who want to take up photography as their career, now has to face a big challenge of deciding which stream of photography to enter that could fetch them a name, fame, and money. There are diversified fields in the career of photography which may or may not be directly related to photography but certainly, require excellent photographic skills to complete such as digital marketing.

Listed below are the different types of photography services from which one can choose according to their occasion or professional requirement. If someone is interested in pursuing a professional photographer’s career, can opt from the list. The list is certainly neither exhaustive nor all-inclusive as there are many diversified fields within this industry :-

Food Photography

Ecommerce Photography involves in various photography services. The profession of food photography in India does not have a more significant scope, but still, we took a risk to venture it.

Industrial Photography

Industrial photography may include photographic aspects like-

  • Factory photography- Focuses on the large and heavy machinery assets of a company.
  • Services photography- Focuses on stills that can describe the services provided by a company in the best possible way.
  • Workshop photography- Focuses the workers in action while heavy welding or manual reshaping of metal pieces.
  • Corporate photography- As the name suggests the corporate photography focuses more on the official compounds rather than the factories and workshops.

Medical Products Photography

There is a vast spectrum of photography when it enters the business of medical science.

  • Medical photography The medical is an institution and not less than a corporation. The present time offers many scopes for improvements, but the medical profession doesn’t look out for business opportunities.
  • Clinical photography- Clinics focuses more on procedural conducts such as diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. 
  • Pharmaceutical Product photography- Pharmaceutical product photography slightly bends the medical profession towards the commercial side.
  • Photography in healthcare- The definition of healthcare has slightly changed in today’s time. Earlier it may refer only to hospitals. 

Kitchen Products Photography

The photographic business was not so dynamic before the Internet. With the introduction of Ecommerce, the scope of photography has spiraled up to many sectors.

  • Cutlery Photography- Cutleries are the items that are used to cut the food, picks it up, or do any other activity using the hands.
  • Crockery Photography- The crockery is the prettiest thing of a kitchen. Items like kettles, cups, and saucers, etc. which are made of earthenware or china soil are worth photographing.
  • Kitchen Product Photography Kitchen product photography have multiple scopes. Some retailing stores capture the products for their personalized store catalog.
  • Stylized Kitchen Photography- Stylized kitchen photography is a unique kind of photography service.

Toys Photography

Any toy is a product. If a toy-making company wants to promote its product, it can always go for the photo-shoot which can have usages in multiple platforms. Narrative- Some YouTube channels design miniatures for the characters. They do excellent toy photography of these miniatures in certain poses that fits and arrange it make a narrative visual.

Furniture Photography

Furniture is not only a part of your home but also becomes a part of your lifestyle! Now with the introduction of Ecommerce, furniture photography has led a new style of photography.
Such photography majorly deals with the descriptive style of photography that shows the furniture in the best possible ways and here will discuss a few technical points of furniture photography.

Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography is one such kind of Ecommerce photography. We, as a Photographic studio, provide extensive services in Ecommerce Photography.
Professional photographers always develop new techniques of capturing.
Similarly, our photographic team has come up with the new 360-degree videography.

You often need to display your products to your clients on Instagram. Why not use a perfect Instagram captions to make your images stand out.

Home Decor Photography

Home decor photography is an established profession. The designers prepare modules to display their clients, which form as blueprints for the further home decoration and interior preparation of a house.

Musical Instruments Photography 

Ecommerce Photography is a photography studio based in Mumbai. Being in the business for some years, we ventured into different styles of Musical instrument photography. This has helped us in developing a unique style of framing and lighting. We combine lighting techniques along with framing angels that highlights the beauty of a musical instrument.

Baby Products Photography 

Ecommerce Photography provide a gamut of product photography services including a range of baby photographic services such as;

  • Baby’s Clothes Photography- If you have baby clothes to sell and you are looking for a scope on the web then we will help you. We do photography of the clothes using an industrial level of framing and lighting style.
  • Kid’s Toys Photography– Similarly, we provide the service of toy photography.
  • Baby Product Photography– We also provide all kinds of baby photography and kid’s product photography, including products for infants, essential products for babies and large toys photograph, etc.

Product Photography

Ecommerce Photography is a photographic studio which provides a collection of the product photography that is utilized in leading online shopping website.

Electronic Products Photography

Ecommerce Photography is a Studio involved in Electronic Product Photography, and we provide the services mentioned above in one location. The level of our shoot is industrial, and our photographic team continually strives to introduce new framing angles and lighting techniques.

Creative Product Photography

As a Photography Studio we are into Creative Product photography. It is the process of taking and developing the photographs of the artistic and handicraft products like pottery or paintings. We design thematic presentation for such objects, do unorthodox ways of production and orthodox ways of post-production.
Overall we create photographs that look world class and one of a kind.

Beauty Product Photography

Ecommerce Photography are also involved in beauty product photography. Makeup artists generally have new styles that they want to display. We provide just the service they want. We are also involved in Cosmetic product photography — any related product photoshoot which can be utilized in the E-commerce websites.

Sports Product Photography

Ecommerce Photography, a Mumbai based Product Photography studio. Sports Product Photography is what we are actively involved in because of its significant part in the formation and operation of our studio.

We provide unique framing angles and lighting techniques for your product shoot. Also, we do post-shoot works so that you get everything in one place.
For any such requirements, contact us.


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