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How To Contact Brand For Online Selling

How To Contact Brand For Online Selling
Branded items are more of a luxury than a commodity. People treat it as something they are going to show off. This is one of the reasons why they prefer to buy branded items from their authorized stores or sellers. The demand for these products is extremely high and can even outstrip the supply. So, if you had a way to be able to buy these items directly from the manufacturer, surely you would make a ton of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. Lots and lots of other people have had the exact same idea and they tried to do this too. The manufacturers of these items are very selective of who they would distribute their products to and who they will later resell them. In many cases they will only allow brick and mortar stores to resell their item. This is for a couple of reasons such as

  • Control and protect the brand
  • To control the price


For instance, if you want to sell Apple products, then you would need to contact Apple directly and apply for becoming an authorized reseller for their products. Some of the requirements for this process includes,

  • Needing a business license
  • General liability insurance certificate

In the past, they were so strict that they would require you to have a minimum order of $100,000. The same applies for other popular branded items. If you wanted to sell Nike shoes, you have to become an official distributor for Nike shoes. Unfortunately, you can’t use salehood to find extremely popular branded items for wholesale rights. There are, however, other great ways that you can utilise to salehoo suppliers to make lots of money off of extremely popular branded items. Let us look at some of these ideas which will help you find a link between brands and your store to be able to sell their products.

  1. Find a liquidator – one way that you can make money off of branded items is to use Salehoo to find liquidators. These are middlemen, who require stock at very cheap rates through close out sales or when other store liquidate their stock. Often times these include branded products in new condition. Then they would resell these items to other stores for lower prices. Sometimes, liquidators sell items individually and sometimes, they’ll sell it in bulk lots. Liquidators can be a fantastic way to pick up branded items that are right to resell. However, keep in mind that while this may be a great way to pick up discounted branded items for reselling, their supplies are not guaranteed. So, when you are going to be working with liquidators you need to take advantage of the great deals as they come. Here’s a tip, when you are working with liquidators the best way is to be flexible with the type of items that you are willing to sell. Don’t come at from the perspective that you are just going to sell one particular type of item. When looking for liquidators on salehoo, don’t look for a particular item like iPhones, when using a salehoo search engine. Instead use it to filter results that show just liquidators in specific categories. For example of you want liquidators who are selling iPhones, then search for liquidators in the electronics category.
  2. Find suppliers that will sell accessories for popular branded items – another great way to utilise Salehoo is to use it find suppliers who sell accessories for popular branded items. To be honest, it is strongly recommended that people sell accessories rather than sell the items themselves. The reason being that as a distributor of the physical hardware you will usually only have tiny profit margins, sometimes as low as 1% to 5%, and when you take into account the time and effort that it takes to sell an item with such low profit margins, you’ll actually be making a loss. Most distributors of popular branded items like iPhones, beats headphones, don’t actually make money off of those products. They actually make money by selling accessories. Accessories are wildly profitable with many sellers making at least 100% profit margins to upto 500% profit margins per sale. So, with iPhones, the real gold is selling cases, batteries, headphones etc. for people’s iPhones. Then there is huge demand for accessories too. Just consider the fact that Apple has sold 500 million iPhones, so, you need to target this wide base of customers. Finding these distributors is really easy using Salehoo search engine.
  3. Using Amazon FBA – there are some products that don’t sell that well in brick and mortar stores. Here you can take advantage of the situation as a retailer on Amazon. There’s a wider range of products that people can buy online. Now times are such as to give companies a decent profit in much less time. For instance, if the company was to supply their products to stores like Walmart, Target etc. then they would have to wait for the total inventory to clear up and start to see great profits. Whereas in case of where they sell a part of their product stock to online retailers, then they have the chance to get good profits in much less time. This serves as an advantage to them and they are able to cash in on profits without waiting for the stock to clear up at a store. Also, it helps for the company to distribute their products amongst a number of retailers rather than focusing on a particular brick and mortar store.


These are some the ways that you can sell branded items through direct or indirect link. You could also make good profits by selling accessories for these branded products. You should focus on offering great value for products, be it the actual product or accessories associated with it. You need to offer the much needed support and assurance in order to build up a wide customer base. Customers who will keep coming back to you and will trust your products over other suppliers.



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