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Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay Photography
Apparels photography has been quite in the light in the past few years since online shopping has made its mark. This makes the clothing pictures a significant source for display and advertising of the products. In the past, images had to be developed elaborately. That has changed since the time of the digital cameras and created quite new possibilities.The clothes that go up online today need to look very natural and close to touching. Since no one can hold and touch the products for themselves, this becomes extremely crucial. The feeling of touch needs to be replaced with a greatly taken photo of the product.

We will have to take a number of pictures and select the ones which will go further for image processing.  The image taken needs a certain quality that would make it appealing to the online customers. The contrast, the background, and the balance in the other factors are a few things that are worked on.

Flat lay photography can be a great choice when you do not have the resources to acquire models for the photography. Flat photography is basically capturing good quality pictures of the garments when they are laid on a flat or a textured surface.

Flat lay photography is not quite an easy technique to follow. There are little things that need to be taken care of. In this article, we will see how we can make the most of this technique. Here are a few hacks that will help you get great quality and appealing pictures of your products.


Background color

The background color needs to be as basic and subtle as possible. Try going for colors like white. You can also try experimenting with wooden backgrounds that can be achieved by placing your garments on a wooden floor or a wooden desk.


Proper Lighting

Try to take pictures with a good quality of lighting. You can always edit your image for brightness later but natural lighting tends to get the color out of the image very well. Also, remember that the lighting should be just enough. You do not want to make the brighter colors to look blown out. Try using reflectors if you are in need of more light in particular places.


Obtaining Depth

Stuffing tissue paper inside your clothing when it laid flat on the table can make the pictures come out to look more natural. You can add more of the tissue paper near the arms and the shoulders for it to look more voluminous.



Styling pins come in handy when you are struggling with excess fabric. You can use these to hide the excess fabric near the back or the armpit area easily.


Emphasize the necessary parts

Parts like the collar and the buttons need to stand out. You can stuff the piece of clothing accordingly. The curve on the collar needs to be maintained too.



Standard editing will include shadow removal, tone adjustments, vertical and horizontal alignment, and cropping.

You may have images that were produced in-house that need editing. There are various tools that can help you out.



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