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Why DIY Product Photography Is A Bad Idea.

Why DIY Product Photography Is A Bad Idea.

Product photography will influence your customer’s first impressions online, but it is often neglected. The way a product looks online can dramatically affect your business by revealing details about your products that writing cannot always portray. A product that looks appealing can increase website traffic, e-commerce sales, and social media shares.

Amateur photographs can be recognized quickly and could put your businesses professionalism at risk. We explain some of the pitfalls to DIY photography and how they can be avoided by hiring a professional photographer.

It Is Time Consuming
Professional photographers have spent years learning how to achieve the correct lighting, angles, and space to produce high-quality images. You might decide to take your own product photographs if you have a limited budget. Although this is only worth it if you have time to spare and possess the skills of a pro photographer. Not all images are perfect, and if you’re an amateur photographer, editing product images can be a very time-consuming process. Whereas hiring a professional photographer will not only save you time, it will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

The Cost of Hiring or Buying Equipment
To take a product photograph that is of a high standard, you will you need the correct equipment. The cost of hiring or buying equipment can be costly if you lack experience. A professional photographer will already own the right equipment for your product photography. If your product is items of clothing, you might wish to shoot them on models. Hiring both models and photography equipment will take more time and create additional fees to the overall cost of the shoot. A professional photographer might already have a list of suitable models that your business could work with.

A Cluttered Background
When hiring a photographer, you should make sure that they have previously worked with a similar product before. This will ensure that they have the correct technical knowledge to capture your products effectively. A product photographer will understand that they should photograph your product within an appropriate context i.e. whether it is suitable to shoot your product in an outdoor environment. The frame of a product shot should not be cluttered, and the background should be kept simple.

Low-Quality Product Images
Photographers who have less experience may end up with images that are too dark, blurry or pixelated. This could result in customers not adding your products to their basket. High-quality product images are essential, and most editors will request a copy of them in high-resolution on a white background. The quality of your product photographs will set the tone for your business, and a higher standard of an image can help make the decision to buy your product.

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