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How to Use Your Product Photos to Get More Sales

How to Use Your Product Photos to Get More Sales

When it comes to building up an online presence for an e-commerce business, visuals are obviously essential for grabbing the attention of your potential customers. In fact, product photography can one of the most important resources at your disposal when you want to market your products across multiple channels, both online and offline.

If your goal is to increase sales, you might be surprised how much of a difference the services of a professional product photographer could make. Here are just a few ways that fantastic product photos can help you get the results your business needs.

Breaking through on mobile

Always remember that at any given time, the majority of internet users are using their mobile devices to browse the web as opposed to desktop computers or laptops. This includes when they’re shopping online, plus mobile users are even less inclined to read long pages of text, so product images have a much better chance of standing out. These should be a key focus when designing a mobile-optimized website.

Grabbing attention on social media

If you use social media platforms for your business, one of the most challenging aspects is usually grabbing attention from your audience in a sea of constantly-updating information. Striking product visuals are consistently one of the best ways to do this if you want to inform people about your brand and your products while subtly persuading them to buy from you at the same time.

Creating outstanding adverts

Paid adverts also tend to convert better if they are more visual. Adding product images to your display network adverts (for example, through Google AdWords) can increase click-through rates significantly. You can also use paid adverts on social media channels like Facebook, where the delivery method tends to be optimised for product images and heavy emphasis on text is not permitted.

Print and offline distribution

Of course, professional product photos will help to show off your products in the best possible light on any channel, including more traditional ones. Getting your images onto printed marketing materials will probably make them much more attention-grabbing and attractive compared to plain banners or flyers with corporate branding and not much else. Once you have some great photos, it’s up to you to get as much use out of them as possible.

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